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About Us

Warbler is a company belonging to the least explored and arguably the most beautiful region of India – the North East region.The company deals with diverse product categories and opts to cater to the needs and services of its customers. The company is highly focused on providing quality products to its customers. It is highly committed to its service and does not compromise in quality. It believes that quality is not an act. 

We, at Warbler, understand that quality is everyone’s responsibility and that it has to be maintained at every level of the organization. This understanding helps us to give you the best in terms of the quality of the products and services.With a view to cater to the needs of the global healthcare industry, improve patient care and ease patient discomfort, Warbler has come up with a wide range of disposables maintaining a high degree of standardization.

Warbler Products

Warbler Greens

Warbler takes pride in its selection of finest tea leaves from the gardens in the world famous India tea region of Assam. Our Green Tea is sourced from a select set of tea gardens that provide best quality tea leaves. These tea leaves are diligently plucked, processed and packaged to contain that enticing aroma and pleasant flavor. It is free of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides and helps sustain the health of ecosystems and people. 

Warbler Medicals

Warbler Disposable, a division of Warbler group presents the finest quality of medical/surgical disposable products. 
We are constantly working on quality assurance and delivery at a reasonable price to our distributor points across the NER region.
From time to time, we also offer attractive discounts on bulk orders at door delivery.  
Our 24x7, customer service as well as representatives are available to cater and fulfill the order at any point in time.

Warbler Education

Education is what makes a person grow. In Warbler Education, we help you to nurture you inner seeker of knowledge.
Every Information is like a point of interest that can be used to sharpen your mind. The true path of life is only through learning, and we at Warbler help you find your path

Warbler Entertainment

Music has it's roots, and we at Warbler help you explore your inner rhythm. Warbler Entertainment is designed to show you the path to righteousness of frequency from the sound of a bird to the beat of a drum. Love music? check us out!